Teh faceplant

by fpman

I am in such a rush to bring this photo (below) to the attention of The Patrimony’s followers I am not even going to correct the title above.

Obama_OvalOfficeThe faceplant – photo: Lawrence Jackson (source)

So this is a pic from the White House Flickr page (taken in June this year, published today). One source summarizes what we need to know about it thus:

“When a retiring Secret Service agent and his wife were invited to speak with Barack Obama in the Oval Office, the couple’s young son was offered the chance to go face-to-face with the world’s most powerful man. Instead …”

The context, provided to you straight from our Situation Room: US President Barack Obama has a history of popular photos with kids (see for example this story + photo combo, too). And the US Secret Service has a recent history of rather uncomfortable scandals.

Sometimes, if you add up one and one, it’s less than two – but may still be more than one. Call it the halo effect, if you’re the scientific type.