The Patrimony’s statement on Alina Kabayeva’s recent appointment

by fpman

Alright, alright, so we’re a little late on this one, but let us get this straight…

nuttyprof2“So we’re a little late, right, but… here it’s coming!”

Alina Kabayeva, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged girlfriend has just been appointed chair of the board of directors of the National Media Group (NMG) in Russia.

Putin and KabayevaPresident Putin, allegedly smiling at his alleged girlfriend (photo by Sergei Chirikov, AFP/Getty)

This is relevant, given that there is a great variety of Russian media these days, including government-owned media, Gazprom-owned media, and NMG-owned media along with what independent media there is.

NMG is, for example, one of the owners of Piervy Kanal (Первый канал), with a 25% share, alongside the government. As the name may imply, Piervy is television channel no. 1 in Russia, including in terms of the number of viewers.

That here at the Patrimony we are only reporting this now, two days late, is not due to the Russian NMG having a share in the ownership of this blog. They don’t have a share.

End of statement.