Amal Alamuddin’s wedding

by fpman

Even though I can very much appreciate George Clooney’s work as an actor, I just can’t help but sympathize with the way The Business Woman’s Amanda Rose accounts of his getting married. Namely that the news for her, unlike for a major part of the world’s media, is not that he married someone but that British-Lebanese lawyer Amal Alamuddin – the newly-wed wife in the story – married someone.

Here are some pictures of the event, from Venice.

And here you can watch Amal Alamuddin in action earlier this year, as the lawyer who had once represented Yulia Timoshenko of Ukraine in a trial (many would say it was a political trial) that saw Timoshenko jailed – to be freed once former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich was swept out of power in Ukraine, in February. In the video, Amal is talking to the BBC discussing Timoshenko’s release.

AmalAlamuddinAmal Alamuddin in action somewhere (pic from Wikipedia)

Rose concludes her piece on Amal’s wedding by saying

“We only hope he doesn’t hold her back from conquering the world.”

Given that both are involved in some ambitious international, or rather global, humanitarian initiatives, our prognosis is that there is likely to be a fair amount of synergy in their efforts.