Quote of the day, from Hungary

by fpman

So the head of the Hungarian national tax authority, Ms Ildikó Vida is facing some serious allegations of corruption these days. Given that she is the head of the state authority collecting a good part of Hungary’s citizens’ earnings and that this is legitimized through the state’s supposed capacity to create public good, it is slightly concerning that she might be involved in creating some private good, and consequently some public bad instead. Such allegations have emerged earlier on from domestic Hungarian sources, and now the U.S. government considers her corrupt, too, and has recently banned her from travelling to the United States.

When it first surfaced that this may be the case, Vida disappeared went on a holiday for a while. In the meantime, the Hungarian government threw in the “Russian defence” to protect her, framing their response as defending Hungary’s sovereignty from foreign intrigue. They claimed that those accusing Vida and ruling circles in general of corruption are working to undermine the sovereignty of Hungary, and that the sovereign Hungarian people will proudly defend their right to pick their leaders who can then sovereignly pick the people to serve as head of the country’s sovereign tax authority.

When news came of the definitive confirmation of Vida’s banning from the U.S., she came back from holiday and felt it was time to talk to some sovereign government-friendly press. Which is the point where she gave us our quote of the day. Promising to fight hard, she said:

“I am a tigress type, and I have two families: one my closest family and the other, NAV [Hungary’s national tax authority] itself.”

We think this is pretty amazing. When one regards one’s office as a family affair that is perhaps slightly incompatible with a desire to refute allegations of corruption. At the very least in terms of one’s communication. But who are we to tell that to a sovereign family’s sovereign mother… and as this article reveals she doesn’t speak English so writing this is of no use, anyway.

VidaThe eye of the tigress: Ildikó Vida at work