The Bush siblings: Jeb, George, and the presidency

by fpman

An inside joke from the world of sibling researchers…

Q: What did George W. Bush invade in 2001?

A: Jeb Bush’s life path.*

I’m taking this from Avidan Milevsky’s assessment of how Jeb Bush (prospectively) running for the presidency could be seeking compensation in this way for an invaded life path as instead of George W. he used to be the one among the six siblings in their family who was meant or expected to conquer the world of politics. Yet eventually George got to the very top and in Jeb’s microcosmic universe this may constitute an unnatural order of things. Or at least so goes Milevsky’s interpretation which is laid out with the following very important caveat:

“Although I would be thrilled for George and Jeb to take their place on my couch as we explore their early sibling dynamics, all I can do at this point is juxtapose what we know about the science of siblings and what is known about the Bush family.”

It is important therefore to emphasize that the above narrative of Jeb looking to overcome the rivalry-inducing “re-identification” with his brother through competition in politics is merely speculative at this point.

With that in mind, you can listen to a discussion of some of the actual science on sibling relationships from Dr. Milevsky here:


* The joke may work in this way as, technically speaking, the right answer cannot be Afghanistan. There the military operations that started in 2001 (against the Taliban and al-Qaida, in response to the 9/11 attacks) involved special operations forces teaming up with local Afghan forces, with U.S. air support, and hence there was no proper “invasion” to speak of, unlike, say, in Iraq in 2003 where conventional troops poured in and set up lasting presence rightaway.