Greece and the financial world

by fpman

An interesting interview with the current Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, an academic turned practitioner who is now playing a game of chicken with the financial world and with EUrope, in the eye of some observers.

Where the interview becomes of special interest for this blog is where Varoufakis discusses the reasons why he moved with his family to Texas (to teach at the University of Texas), in 2011. Quote:

“At the time I was helping some journalists with their investigations into various banking scandals. One night, I received a phone call and a stranger asked me whether my son had already come home. The caller then described the route my son had taken and said: if you want him to come home safely in the future, then stop investigating the banking business. That was another reason why we moved to Texas.”

If the game-of-chicken framework of interpretation is correct, Varoufakis apparently has some extra motivation to stare down the approaching opponent, resolute and firm.

Of course, in a game of chicken that is not necessarily a good thing in the end.