The atrocity that will not be televised

by fpman

Fresh reports in from Nigeria, via

Boko Haram Killing ‘Wives’ to Prevent Marraige to ‘Unbelievers’

The reason why this will not be televised — or in other words widely known:

1. This is happening in Africa, not in the Middle East.

2. This is happening to Africans, not Westerners.

3. The Islamic State has just killed Western tourists in Tunisia in the meantime, and that would divert the attention on any day.

4. Wives of Boko Haram’s Islamist combatants are perceived at first sight by unsuspecting readers as part of the enemy, or, psychologically speaking, as part of an “outgroup.”

Two quotes from the article should make clear why this is as terrible a human tragedy as can be.

The Islamist fighters apparently told “their” wives before they killed them:

“We will not spare anyone of you because if unbelievers marry you, when we get to heaven, there is no way we can meet again.”

And the context to all of this shows that in all likelihood most of the women concerned have never really consented to being married to them in the first place.

“The insurgents had decided to flee to the nearby town of Gwoza (after fleeing the town of Bama earlier on, in the course of their retreat) before the troops’ arrival but they first decided to kill their wives so that nobody would remarry them.

Boko Haram forcibly married scores of women in Bama after seizing it in September. Nigeria’s military announced the recapture of the town on Monday.”

In other words, many or most of the women concerned were just given to their future killers as property, and before they were killed, they were offered the “consolation” that they could be with their killers forever and ever, thanks to being saved from the alternative.