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Ayatollahs, Khameneis, Khomeinis

by fpman

Given the recent health problems of Iran’s supreme ayatollah, Ali Khamenei, there is speculation about who would follow in case someone needs to replace him.

Here is a great overview of some of the possible candidates, including Mojtaba Khamenei, who is Ali Khamenei’s hardliner son, and Hassan Khomeini, the late ayatollah Khomeini’s grandson who has reformist leanings.

Neither dynastic-like succession, nor a radical or a reformist choice for successor is anything sure yet, it is worth adding.


“Stay classy, stay hustling”

by fpman

For example, this – see the title above – may qualify as a typical message carried by the hot new Instagram wave from Iran, via the account “Rich Kids of Tehran.” It has in its focus the lives of, hold your breath, the rich kids of Tehran. It’s all the rage these days, apparently, in some circles – potentially a different kind of rage in others, be it bling or bikinis that happen to enrage the latter more.

There is plenty of both (bling and bikinis) in Iran, even in a time of sanctions.


BBC Trending has a piece on the subject expressing what may be easily mistaken for slight disappointment at the fact that in this case Iran does not readily conform to the expectation that it would quickly and harshly deal with the people involved for their liberal ways.

A “classy” conclusion is reached where the author quips:

“It seems they [the Rich Kids of Tehran] do not fear repercussions from the Iranian authorities, who have been known to pursue other young people for engaging in subversive activities.”

To which we respond:

Dear BBC Trending,

We understand the point you are trying to make. However, as you may have observed, the Islamic State is another trending topic these days. Complaining of the inadequate efficiency of religious law enforcement as a manifestation of elite privileges seems to be slightly out of touch when viewed from the greater part of the universe outside of that political entity.

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